Warning: The driver must be more than 23 years old and must have the driving lisence more than a year

  1. The renter is obliged to check the vehicle before signing.
  1. Driving is not allowed to persons who are not mentioned in the rental agreement.
  1. When the rental agreement expires, the vehicle is uninsured.
  1. If the renter wants to extend the rental, he must first inform the rental office and get the new rental agreement.
  1. If the renter does not deliver the car with the expiry οf rental agreement, he is going to be prosecuted for theft.
  1. The renter is charged with the days needed to repair the car.
  1. The insurance does not cover the underneath of the car, wheels and tires.


The vehicle cannot be taken outside Greece or ferried to a Greek Island, without prior writen permission of owner.

More Info

  • Prices include VAT
  • Gasoline is EXTRA
  • Including third-partie incurance, (NOT FULL INCURANCE)
  • Any Damages are paid extra
  • For traffic offenses and driving in bad conditions roads (e.g Poulati, Vroulidia), there is fine until 100% of the daily price plus

PHONE NUMBERS: 2284033081, 2284033973
MOBILES: 6944551374, 6972291501 , 6986712890